Sunday, December 20, 2009
I have a sim and she has a family. Her name is Hellen. Her husbands name is Griffen Reaper her husband is a reaper. Hellan has a brother that is a mummy and one is a alien crazy right! Hellan has two daughters one is a grim reaper baby! Hellans other child is a human. Hellan is a human thank goodness. She lives in a three storie house it has five bedrooms and three bathrooms. Her brother the mummy is from egipshion times. The brother that is an alien is from Japen. I found this  family in the exedghaned in the household seckedshion. You can find houses for your sims you can find all cinds of houses. You can find all cinds of houses. You can find any thing there. Do you have a sim /sims family.


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